www.qrp4fun.de Technical documentations for MFJ-259 and MFJ-259B

My MFJ-259B was out of order in the end of the year 2001. Not the whole analyzer but a main function. So I wrote in January 2002 an e-mail to MFJ Enterprises and ask the company for a schematic of my analyzer. Wow! Some days later I found a large letter with the searched schematic in my mailbox. Hooray!!
I thought that more user of this analyzer searchs the schematic, so I put all things here on my webspace.
- Schematic
- Calibration
- Test procedures
One month later a German user in Malaysia send me the copy of the same things for the MFJ-259B. Thanks again on this way to Gerald, 9M2/DL3KGS.
- Schematic
- Many other things
I hope that these files helps also other users of this great devices. Many thanks to MFJ Enterprises for the fast service! The manual for the MFJ-259B is available only on the MFJ Enterprises webpage.