www.qrp4fun.de Clip for 9-V-block battery

New clip with banana jacks Open clip, coupled contact pair and new wires At various dealers are available battery clips for contacting 9-V block batteries. These batteries also carry the designations 6LR61, AM-6, 6F22 or PP3. They have contacts that looks like snap buttons with different sizes.
These batteries have only a small capacity. Therefore, the connection wires of the clips are only designed for a small current and are quite thin. For electric consumers taking in a higher current, they seem unsuitable. The thin wires produce a relatively high voltage drop. However, I wanted to use a battery holder that only has contacts like on a battery clip. Since the intended electric consumer, here a transceiver, draws a lot of current, another solution had to come from.
Coupled pair of contacts with soldered wires Isolated contact pair with soldered wires When one open one of the available clips, two contacts appear on a thin supporter. First remove the thin wires from the contacts. Then you solder new thicker wires on it. At the end, you isolate the supporter with the soldered wires. I used self-amalgamating insulation tape for this. It is enough to cover the soldering points and fix the wires.