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Kalah is a strategy game for 2 players. The goal is to collect more tokens in the own winning bowl than the opponent.

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Turns player 1:

Turns player 2:

The board has two rows of six game bowls each. At each end there are the larger winning bowls trough called Kalah. In them one collects the received tokens during the game. Each player owns the six game bowls on his side of the board and the winning bowl to the right of it. At the beginning of the game, all game bowl are filled with six tokens each.
The player in turn empties one of his own game bowl and distributes its contents counterclockwise into the ensuing game bowl. One token is placed in each of the game bowls, in the own winning bowl and in the opposing game bowls. Only the enemy winning bowl will be omitted.
If the last token falls into the own winning bowl, the player is allowed to perform one more turn (extra turn). This can also be repeated several times.
If the last token falls into an empty own game bowl, the player is allowed to place this last token and the captured tokens from the opposite opposing game bowl into his own winning bowl (catch turn).
The game ends when a player can't perform a turn. The opponent then places the remaining tokens from his game bowl in the own winning bowl. Whoever has the most tokens in his winning bowl has won. A draw is possible.