www.qrp4fun.de Enumeration of international CW characters

The CW characters can be divided into four groups (letter, digits, punctuation marks, other signs). Beside the international CW characters there are some additional characters or also whole alphabets for some languages still. These were not inserted however into the available enumeration.

A  A
B  B
C  C
D  D
E  E
F  F
G  G
H  H
I  I
J  J
K  K
L  L
M  M
N  N
O  O
P  P
Q  Q
R  R
S  S
T  T
U  U
V  V
W  W
X  X
Y  Y
Z  Z

If you write down the numbers, so use a string in the number zero (Ø) to tell apart the number from the character O.

1  1
2  2
3  3
4  4
5  5
6  6
7  7
8  8
9  9
Ø  0

Punctuation marks

.  .
/  /
,  ,
;  ;
:  :
?  ?
-  -

Other signs
The other signs will be send out without a space between the characters. An exception is the repetition (II).

Error  Irrung
Begin of message (KA)  Spruchanfang
End of contact (SK)  QSO-Ende
Invite any station
 to transmit (K)  Aufforderung
Separation (BT)  Trennung
Repetition (II)  Wiederholung
End of message (AR)  Spruchende
Please stand by (AS)  Warten
Invite a specific station
 to transmit (KN)  Aufforderung