www.qrp4fun.de DXCC results reached until now from me

There are at the time entries on the list of DXCC Entities. DX-QSO's are reachable also with a QRP station. That show the DXCC entities achieved so far from me, which with QSL cards confirmed . This is a great pile of entities, which I want to reach as QRPer.

But there are also stages on the way to the DXers heaven, if there is such a thing. So for example for the well-known DXCC award of the ARRL are necessary on the 5 classic bands from 80 to 10 m always 100 confirmed QSO's.
At the time I need only QSO's and only QSL cards of the required 500 ones. And in finitely time it should be possible to reach the missing QSO's, also if I am not a full time DXer. If you see, also for QRPers is nothing impossible!