www.qrp4fun.de Stand for small transceiver build from a CD case

Alex Krist, KR1ST, published on his webpage already some years ago a stand for the FT-817, which enables to tilt the transceiver a little bit and to operate the transceiver better than before. This stand was also published in [1] and [2]. The really inexpensive stand can be used but also for other transceiver, if its footprint does not extend beyond that of a CD case.
Stand At long last I found time to build also a stand like this. Alex used a 10 mm thick CD case. He cut out a narrow strip from the middle part to pinch it between the front and the back of the case. Unfortunately the cut out part slide around during the transport of the stand. Stand I used also a 10 mm thick CD case, but that one, in which fit two CDs. In these cases the middle section, which carries the two CDs, is fastened rotatable on the rear panel. Like Alex, I also removed a narrow strip in the middle part leaving right and left two stripes. Stand The left strip is stuck in the CD case and the right strip can be rotate. By the fact that the strip is clamped between the front panel an the rear panel, which can be swinged out, it can no longer slide during transport. Also the part, which can be swinged out, is better to arrange on the counter bearing of the front panel. If the right part wider, the tilting angle is larger. But the transceiver could slip back. The "abutments" at the edge of the front panel, which previously held the bocklet are the counter bearings.
[1] Alex Krist, KR1ST: Inexpensive Stand for the FT-817. QRP Quarterly, Spring 2010, p. 8-10
[2] Alex Krist, KR1ST: Standfuß für den Yaesu FT-817. QRP-Report 2/2010, S. 4-6