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Without entry: If you want to send me a message directly, please do not use the guestbook. In this case please send a message to .
No automatism: For legal reasons no entries for this guestbook will be inserted automatically. If your text does not contain any expressions, which is illegal or which can hurt another people, I will integrate it as fast as possible manual.
Spam defense: Possibly contained e-mail addresses will be deleted for the prevention of spam. Links to your own webpage or to another webpage will be conserved however. It is not possible to send entries in HTML format.
Data transfer: Data for the guestbook will be sent to me with the help of the service by form.taxi via e-mail to me. These service can be used free of charge in case of low volumes of e-mails.
Privacy: The data will be deleted after its manual entry and data will not be passed on to third parties.